• Check Product is New or Not in Magento 2

    As we all know, there is a feature in Magento1 to set a product as new for a date duration. This feature is available in Magento 2 also.

  • Akasha Deepangal Sakshi Malalyalam Film Song Music Notations

    Song: Akasha Deepangal Sakshi

  • Daivaroopiye Sneha Jwalayai Christian Devotional Song Notes

    Song : Daiva Roopiye Sneha Jwaalyaayi

  • Daivame Roohaye Nee Malayalam Christian Song Notes

    Song: Daivame Roohaye Nee

  • Magento 2 - Add Js Css Through Layout Update XML File

    Magento 2 introduced <head /> and <body /> nodes which we can use in our layout update xml file in order to change it’s contents. However this raises lot of confusions. Here I would like to discuss about a loosely coupled feature (or bug ?) which we can see if tries to add js/css via layout update xml file. Following code will add a js into our page. File : app\code\Namespace\Module\view\frontend\layout\something_index_index.xml

  • Default Controller In Magento 2

    If you are a Magento 1 developer, then it would be familiar that M1 has default controller (IndexController.php) and default method (indexAction()). This means, if there is nothing specified after a frontname, for example, a URL looks like instead of traditional, then M1 looks for default controller and default method inside the module where front name is defined as frontname.

  • Final Price of Configurable Associated Product

    Here I will show you how we can get the final price of an associated product which is associated with a configurable product.

  • Beware: Keep All of Your Select Attributes as INT in Magento

    Yes, You heard it right. It is better to be keep all backend types of your select attributes in INT type. This is so important because that will avoid lot of headaches in future. If you want to know more details, please keep on reading.

  • Songs For the Week - 3rd October 2016

    This is weekly release of some awesome music findings which I found over internet in this week.

  • Most Important Things While You Merge Js in Magento

    Magento has some built-in configurations to merge all css and js files. This is highly helpful since it helps to improve page load speed and thus it improves overall SEO of our site.

  • Songs For The Week - 22 August 16

    This is weekly release of some awesome music findings which I found over internet in this week.

  • Hello World!

    Hello Welcome to This is just a beginning of something big. Stay around here, you are definitely going to enjoy !!!